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Appointment at Pitti Bimbo 90, 16 – 18 January 2020.

Creativity, commitment and desire to innovate are the key elements that inspired the new collections baby Fall / Winter 2020 signed Nupkeet1946. Pitti Bimbo 90, will therefore be the exclusive appointment to preview the world of international kids wear & lifestyle all the news of Nupkeet1946 child.

Nupkeet1946 will star in “The Kid’s Lab”, an innovative format which encompasses several of kids wear search expressions. A real home stylistic experimentation and innovation, a diverse world, where creativity is a must.

“The Kid’s Lab” will represent the natural habitat for Nupkeet 1946, a universe in which the various declinations of research in children’s fashion will be protagonists.

In such a stimulating (and challenging) context, the Made in Italy creativity and craftsmanship that have always characterized Nupkeet1946, will play a fundamental role.

 “Creativity is an abstraction that reaches meaningful and concrete form only in the context of a unique and particular relationship”.

(Clark Moustakas )

We will meet again at Pitti Bimbo 90 16 to 18 January 2020 to discover all the fascinating new child signed Nupkeet1946.