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He is best known as the “Mr.Nupkeet”, creative director of the brand. A career full of prestigious collaborations with internationally renowned ateliers, a great experience in children’s fashion but a single great love: his creation Nupkeet 1946. He tells us about the origins of the Nupkeet stylistic project.

What are the most intense memories of Nupkeet for you?

Many intense memories related to Nupkeet, I will just mention a few.The goal of creating something different and original compared to the children’s fashion proposals already in circulation seemed a challenge to the limits of the impossible. Everything seemed already ‘seen and taken for granted. A photographic shooting with small protagonists wearing men’s tailored suits aroused new inspirations in me. A funny and playful image, an unpublished path to be explored. Passion, experience and love for fashion have been decisive elements for the success of the Nupkeet project.

What stylistic evolution has Nupkeet undergone over time?

Research has always been the cornerstone of all our stylistic choices. We love to anticipate new proposals for children’s fashion, carefully observing and interpreting the moods of the main collections. An increasingly sophisticated evolution of style, oriented to the originality and quality of the materials, essential aspects to make each piece signed by Nupkeet unique.

What are the essential characteristics in the “Nupkeet baby” collections?

Quality has always been an essential feature. We make use of small and unfortunately increasingly rare laboratories that ensure artisan productions, where passion prevails over any external conditioning factor. The Nupkeet 1946 collections represent small masterpieces, the result of rigorously “Made in Italy” sartorial craftsmanship.

The Fall / Winter 2020 collection was highly appreciated at the Pitti 90 Fashion Show. What are the successful aspects of this collection?

The Fall / Winter 2020 collection faithfully interprets the brand identity. During the Pitti 90 Fashion Show it was possible to appreciate the exclusivity of the Nupkeet proposals for next winter. Many positive feedbacks from the specialized press and above all from the mothers present at the Fashion Show, fascinated by our “little masterpieces of style” which enhance Made in Italy research and quality.

What will be the next projects related to the Nupkeet universe?

We will continue to do everything we have always believed in, putting the passion and talent of the “first day” into play. Foreign markets send us important messages, they greatly appreciate our way of interpreting fashion, our creative and productive capacities. We have a clear mission for the next few years, to project Nupkeet in an “international” dimension, a brand representative of our “Made in Italy” for children’s fashion. We will do everything possible not to disappoint the expectations of the international markets.

Protagonists at Pitti Bimbo 90 with the KidzFizz Fashion Show